This is a treeless Ansur saddle in excellent condition.  Seat size is 18"


Ansur began making treeless saddles over 20 years ago to relieve the pain and stress caused by saddle trees. The original Ansur saddle was unique in its day and was quickly adopted by a large number of riders searching for a better saddle experience for their horses. These early treeless saddles were made using the highest quality cushioning materials available at the time. The saddles performed as promised, providing the flex and comfort riders were looking for. Over time, however, the materials used in these treeless saddles collapsed and eventually failed to hold their shape.

It was obvious that a more substantial, flexible-in-all-directions structure had to be developed. This structure had to be protective for the horses at all times while under saddle. It needed to be fashioned in such a way as to provide effective rider support and weight distribution. And finally, this structure had to be produced using standardized methods to guarantee consistency in terms of quality, sizing and constant horse-comfort, horse-protective features.

Ansur Treeless Saddle 19"

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