This saddle is marked "Elite"

Mr. Charles de Kunffy is a highly respected Dressage instructor, AHSA Registered Judge, and well-known author. Many years of experience as a top rider, judge and leading instructor have helped Mr. Charles de Kunffy to design our unique masterpieces of Classical Dressage saddles. These popular Dressage saddles feature our "Federbaum" spring tree for true controlled flexibility. The low pommel and the narrow twist allow correct posting. Recessed stirrup bars eliminate annoying bulk. Our spring tree facilitates the proper weight distribution, and keeps the rider in the exact center of gravity. It frees the horse's back muscles of all the unnecessary burden and also encourages the engagement of the haunches. The anatomically designed gusseted panels are 100% WOOL-FLOCKED. Gusseted panels serve to elevate the cantle and steady the rider's position by sharply defining the spot where he sits correctly. The long flaps allow the rider's legs to stretch and fall as vertically as possible and will provide a more sensitive contact. Thin concealed knee rolls give the judge a proper front view. All our Charles de Kunffy Dressage Design saddles feature a UNIVERSAL billet system for your personal choice of short or long girthing.

Courbette Dressage 18" Saddle

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