The Michel Robert saddle has been well know for quite some time for its effectiveness to put the rider in the optimum position and balance, without constraint. The new Michel Robert CPS features a new “unisex” tree, for improved performance for both the horse and rider. The COCCYX PROTECTION SYSTEM technology, or CPS, is a structurally innovative tree due to a new injected-membrane geometry with differentiated capacity to absorb stress and movement. The CPS technology was developed to protect the rider’s ischia bones, coccix and back. The central membrane has greater elasticity than the two on either side, and it is visible through the soft Plexiglass inspection window on the saddle’s gullet. The narrow twist remains unchanged and guarantees a close contact feeling for the rider to the horse. The seat is wider towards the cantle, allowing the shorter panels to have a broader surface. The broader surface distributes the weight of the rider more evenly across the back of this horse making this saddle much more comfortable for both horse and rider.The Prestige saddles are beautiful, comfortable and engineered for horse and rider. Broken in but not used much this saddle is wonderful. 18" with a middle deep seat and narrow twist. a regular tree and full forward flap featuring blocks for the demanding rider. 

Prestige Michel Robert 18"Close Contact saddle

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